Organic Olive Oil – Lo Smeraldo – Bottles 3 x 500 ml

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– 3 bottles carton –

The Smeraldo (The Emerald) is a rich green and full-bodied olive oil of the highest quality, it is pressed from 100% Coratina olives. Year after year it has participated in all national and international competitions and has been awarded up to the platinum medal in the “Full Fruity” category.

Due to the exclusive use of Coratina olives, the Smeraldo is characterized by the extremely high polyphenol content. It is precisely the high polyphenol content that gives Coratina oil an intense, fruity, fresh taste. The smell of olives is clear and unmistakable, there are clear notes of raw fruit to taste and notes of fresh green almonds.

The Smeraldo is ideal with pizza and pasta dishes, as well as focaccia, steak and grilled dishes. It is also the ideal olive oil to prepare barbecue marinades and pickles, because due to the maximum content of polyphenols it penetrates deep into the meat, transporting the aromas of the spices.

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Organic Olive Oil – Lo Smeraldo – Bottles 3 x 500 ml